“Joint Inflammation Eliminated, Depressed Controlled Without Meds and Lost 15 lbs”

By Sandra Gultry | November 3, 2020

Before Body Reboot Blueprint (BRB) Before I participated in “Body Reboot Blueprint” I felt I lived a healthy lifestyle but still didn’t feel that I had much control over my weight, my energy level,  or […]

“Fasting Blood Sugar Lower, Exercising More and Have More Energy!”

By Sandra Gultry | October 15, 2020

Before Body Reboot Blueprint (BRB) Sandra started the Crush Your Sugar Craving Challenge (July 2020) which I saw on Facebook.  My weight has gone up and down for several years, so I was looking for […]

“I was Looking for Something that wasn’t a Diet to Go On and Off!”

By Sandra Gultry | October 14, 2020

Before Body Reboot Blueprint (BRB) I found meal planning, shopping, and coming up with healthy but tasty recipes difficult.  During the Coronavirus pandemic, in effort to minimize time at the grocery store, I actually bought […]

“A Wellness Vision and Your North Star “

By Sandra Gultry | August 25, 2020

What’s a Wellness Vision? What is a “North Star”? How You Can Craft a “Wellness Vision” To Help You Stay Focused On Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals? What is a Wellness Vision A wellness vision is […]

“Set the Right Goals and Lose Weight! “

By Sandra Gultry | August 19, 2020

Did you know weight loss is really NOT about weight loss? Puzzled. Weight loss is about your BEHAVIOR! Weight loss is about the CHOICES you make! Weight loss is about building life-long ENJOYABLE habits! Weight […]

“I no longer look to food for comfort and to pass the time away”

By Sandra Gultry | June 3, 2020

My Unhealthy Relationship with Food… I had a very stressful job and I was using food as a way to cope with the stress. I was not eating food for its nutritional value or treating […]

New Year’s Resolution Check-In or Check-Out….

By Sandra Gultry | January 7, 2020

We are in the 3rd week of January!  Did you beat the statistic???? Here is a recap: Many fall off the “Resolution” wagon before January 12th! This is due primarily to  two reasons: 1) sheer […]

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals in 2020!

By Sandra Gultry | January 7, 2020

What is the most common New Year’s Resolution?  – weight loss and/or exercise more. Does this sound familiar: I will get back to eating properly and exercising routinely as of right now. Not tomorrow but […]

Inventory of Accomplishments in 2019

By Sandra Gultry | January 7, 2020

  By nature, we tend to hang on to negativity.  Hence, setting New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, let’s focus on self- acknowledgment. Avoid hating on yourself  in this New Year – 2020 new decade. Before setting […]

“My blood pressure is down and my fasting blood sugar is at its lowest in a year. I have more energy and just overall feeling the best I have felt in years.”

By Sandra Gultry | April 15, 2019

My Struggle with my Health… I was so afraid that I could not get my weight and diabetes under control. I thought the more and more my doctor talked about insulin I would soon be […]

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