The Day After Thanksgiving…What Happens to Your Body When You Overeat?

By Sandra Gultry | November 27, 2020

Imagine: You’re preparing to go shopping and score all of the deals major stores have to offer. But as your getting dressed (at 3AM) and prepare to hit the streets, you notice something about you […]


Mindful Eating Tips on Thanksgiving Day

By Sandra Gultry | November 19, 2020

Who doesn’t want to fully enjoy the Thanksgiving favorites? In most cases, you are eating food you only have on Thanksgiving (or Christmas) That ‘inner Gremlin‘ says: “You won’t have this again until next year […]

Eating sensible while on the Holiday GO….

By Sandra Gultry | November 12, 2020

What is it about the holidays that makes our ‘already’ tight schedule even tighter? Anticipation of family coming to visit? Grocery shopping for those holiday favorites? Eating out more? Spending more time (and money) in […]

Everyday is a Day of Thanksgiving….

By Sandra Gultry | November 5, 2020

We are in month 11 of 2020.  The clock fell back this past weekend.  Are you struggling this week? November is when the holiday season REALLY kicks in. We generally give ‘Thanks’ more in November […]

5 Tricks for Avoiding Halloween Treats

By Sandra Gultry | October 22, 2020

October brings on the calorie-laden chocolate bars and sugary sweets are out in full force. Everyone knows that Halloween candy calories add up quickly, but it can be a real challenge to avoid Halloween candy […]

How to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain!

By Sandra Gultry | October 15, 2020

Holiday Mistake #3 Going to event or holiday feast – “Hangry!” Don’t “save” up calories by skipping meals or cutting ‘carbs‘ leading up to feast. This is a 100% full proof recipe for over-eating and […]

Ditch the Holiday Forbidden Foods List!

By Sandra Gultry | October 15, 2020

Holiday Mistake #4 Eating holiday left overs for weeks! The truth is: Thanksgiving is ‘one’ day… Christmas is ‘one’ day… New Year’s is ‘one’ day…   Why are we eating more in the last 3 […]

How to Stay on Track During the Holiday Season!

By Sandra Gultry | October 8, 2020

Holiday Mistake #2 Going back for seconds! In most cases, the first plate is pretty full of food.  Then, while you eating you see food you missed while making your plate. As more people walk […]

Don’t Forget about you this Holiday Season!

By Sandra Gultry | October 5, 2020

Holiday Mistake #1 Skipping Breakfast. No matter how many parties you are attending – have a solid breakfast. Going to an event starving, results in over eating 99.9% of the time.  This form of ‘saving’ […]

“Pack Lunch to Avoid Packing on Pounds “

By Sandra Gultry | September 1, 2020

Does the thought of having to prepare one more meal each day sound like a chore? Some feel packing a lunch on most days (even if you work from home) is SO HARD… Good news, […]

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