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Are You Struggling to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Permanently?

Increase Energy, Feel Great and Live Longer With My Unique 5-Step Approach To Total Body Wellness

“The Struggle is Real”

  • Have you tried every diet created?

  • Have you made significant changes in your eating habits?

  • Do you limit Carbs?

  • Do you work out regularly?

  • Have you cut out snacking?

  • Have you lost weight in the past, but not able to keep it off?

  • Are you tired of starting over without any real change in your body?

The Struggle is Real…

Your weight has gone up and down for several years. You have put in the work but….

The weight is not coming off and staying off
You wake up tired and feel sluggish throughout the day
Your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and/or cholesterols are still high
You are still on many medications

It’s NOT your fault!

There is so much nutrition information readily available at your fingertips. Much of the information is conflicting and confusion. It is difficult to weed out what is factual and myth. This information is general and does not take your specific medical condition(s), food preferences, body type and current lifestyle into consideration.

Here’s the good news.

You don’t have to stay stuck and you don’t have to continue living like this.


My name is Sandra

I’ve dedicated my life’s work helping adults build sustainable habits they need to promote healthy weight loss, boost energy levels, and feel better. Ultimately, taking control and having confidence in making food choices for both themselves and their family, to keep the weight off, achieve optimal health and live longer.


As a result of our work, my clients:

  • Sustainable weight loss without starving or deprivation

  • Dramatic increases in energy lasting throughout the day (less reliance on caffeine and sugar to get through the day)

  • Decreased inflammation and improved immune function

  • Report sleeping like a baby and waking up feeling feel well-rested and refreshed

  • Have a sense of pride in making good food choices

  • Experience fewer sugar cravings

  • Lower blood pressure, fasting blood sugar and cholesterol level

  • Decrease or eliminate medications

  • Are motivated to exercise regularly

  • Feel better about themselves

  • Cut through the confusion about what to eat and why

  • Take control and have comfort about what goes into their body

  • Are committed to building lifelong healthy habits for themselves and their families

  • Putting on clothes they have not worn in years

  • Make themselves a priority and maintain self-care over the long-run

  • Encounter fewer hormonal imbalances an improvement in mood

If you’d like to wake up each morning with this being true for you, I can help.

Hear From My Clients

This is a sample of what’s possible for you!


"With Sandra’s help, I finally learned how to refocus the role of food in my life. I no longer look to food for comfort or as a way to pass time. I am able to fit into clothing that I was not able to fit in years and able to run 5ks while in her program w/ less pain!"

Clementine U.

Madison, WI


"My desires were to set a positive example for sons, get properly educated on nutrition, lose weight, lower A1c, and get off blood pressure meds. Within 6 months, pre-diabetic to normal, blood pressure, sleep apnea resolved, down over 30 lb and clothes fit great!"

Marvin B.

Little Elm, TX


"I was so afraid that I could not get my weight and diabetes under control. I thought the more my doctor talked about insulin I would soon be on it. With Sandra’s coaching, my blood pressure is down and my fasting blood sugar is at its lowest in a year. I have more energy and just overall feeling the best I have felt in years."

Lewis T.

Tallahassee, FL

Let's Work Together

I provide customized nutrition and lifestyle plans that meet your specific needs!

Private Coaching

Whether you have tried to lose weight on your own, alarmed by abnormal labs, newly diagnosed, or need management of an existing medical condition(s), my 1:1 personalized programs will transform your entire spirit, soul and body.

Group Programs

I offer programs that will not only put you on the right health path, but also jump start your weight loss, boost energy levels and begin building healthy habits for life.

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Jump Start Your Weight Loss & Boost Your Energy Levels:

3 Days of Clean Eating Meals Plans (with Delicious, Fast & Easy Recipes and Itemized Grocery List!)

Do you feel like you’ve tried every diet created? After trying all of these diets you’re likely left feeling frustrated and disappointed because you can’t keep the weight off for good. It can be incredibly tiresome to always feel like you’re starting over without any real change in your body.

That's why I created this easy-to-follow 3-Day meal plan.

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