Programs in Nutrition, Weight Management, Lifestyle Change and More!
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I work with people who struggle with

• a lack energy

• dieting and can’t keep weight off

• confusion about what to eat

• pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and more

My Path to Weight Loss & Greater Health

From a hypertension wakeup call in my early 30’s to permanent weight loss and dietary nutrition education, my journey is unique, just like yours. Learn how I conquered fear and denial to find my path to permanent weight loss, lifestyle change and greater life fulfillment.

I did a lot of research on Google University, but there's a lot of ``fake news`` out there. I worked with Sandra for about three months so that I could begin incorporating a better diet in my life. Prior to meeting her, I did a lot of research on Google University, but there's a lot of ``fake news`` out there. That led me to go ahead and work with an expert who knew the game. What I found most valuable, was her approach to eating until I'm satisfied as opposed to being full. I love going out to a restaurant and ordering a lot of wings. I had to start challenging myself to just get 5 instead of 15 and it was rough. However, I walked away from meals feeling a lot less bloated and as a result, was able to lose around 12.2 pounds in my time with her and stilling losing 3 months later!

– Ron C, Orlando, FL

Success Stories

  • I will admit to not being convinced that the portion sizes presented in the initial session were adequate. After the fi

  • After 30 days of working with Sandra, I lost 9.6 pounds. I lost several inches, had more energy and felt great! I eithe

  • I have been working with Sandra since June 2013. At the time I was over 65 and did not think I could lose weight due to

Healthcare Paths

Everyone’s journey is different. Find a customized path that fits your unique goals and situation. From weight loss to diabetes, a plan for better actions and greater choices is right here.

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Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Prevention

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