Meet Sandra

My Mission

My divine obligation is to show people a whole new way of living and share the joy about not having to suffer or feel stuck any longer with their present weight and/or ill health.

My greatest joy is giving people solutions about “what’s possible” for their health and wellness. The priceless results are people gaining back their health and well-being one day at a time until their ultimate goal(s) are reached!


Hi, I’m Sandra Gultry, BS (Dietetics), RDN, LDN, and Certified Personal Trainer.

My Childhood

Even as a young child I was always drawn to nutrition and its effect on healing the body. As a child, I could not explain it, but I felt that nutrition could cure people of sickness.

Corporate America Days

My first degree was in Computer Information Systems. My career in IT spanned 18-years as a computer program analyst and database administrator.

Around that 13 year mark, I found myself feeling grateful for a stable career, but dissatisfied at the end of my workday. It took another 3-years to realize, that I was not fulfilling one of God’s purposes on my life. Around this same time, my own battle with blood pressure and weight began to surface.

My Wake Up Call

My own health became more of a priority for me in my early 30’s when my blood pressure was elevated high enough that my doctor recommended that I lose at least 20 pounds and change my eating habits to reduce sodium intake.

Fear and Denial

I had no plan, no direction. I had no clue on what to do lower my blood pressure. On top of that, I was in complete denial that my weight was an issue. Looking back, I was at my highest weight and, I was eating out more than I should. Alcohol was also in the equation on the weekends. I was working out regularly, but clearly not enough to control my bad eating habits!

Finally Getting the Help I Needed

My first step was no different than you, I did a “world wide web” search on how to lower my blood pressure. Based on the D.A.S.H Diet approach, I made many significant changes to my eating habits. During this journey, I was completely blown away by how nutrient-poor and sodium-heavy I was eating every day.

After several years of trying to “figure it out” on my own, I had not lost any weight and my doctor was ready to start me on blood pressure meds. This was the LAST thing I wanted. Fearing further complications with my kidneys and diabetes, I finally reached out to a Registered Dietitian (RD) for help.

With the help of an RD, my eating pattern was fine-tuned that included more foods that helped with blood pressure and my calories were adjusted to promote healthy weight loss. After three (3) months, I lost 25 pounds and have kept it off since 2013!

Courage to Go Back to School

After 15 years I put my fears aside, took the leap of faith, and dedicated 1 ½ years to complete pre-requisite courses while still working full time.

In 2009, I was one of 20 students accepted into Eastern Michigan University’s intensive Dietetic Coordinated Program. After graduating, I worked as a consultant, for 5 years, in various nursing homes in the Central Florida Area where I focused on building a strong clinical background to carry over into my private practice.

With all of this experience behind me, I confidently opened my own practice in 2011 and began operating full-time in 2014 as a Registered Dietitian and health coach.

How My Setback Turned into My Comeback

Unfortunately, all my efforts were not enough to prevent getting diagnosed with “Essential Hypertension” – meaning no known cause. Genetics.

My journey was filled with a myriad of emotions: fear, frustration, disappointment, shame, anger and more importantly life-changing!

I went through a period of anger and disappointment for having to take meds to control my blood pressure. The Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Sandra had you not changed your eating habits, lifestyle and lost weight, you would have more health problems than blood pressure!”

At that moment, I stopped looking at my diagnosis as “Setback” and my “Comeback” as a Registered Dietitian began.

One of my “God-given” purposes is to prevent others from having to go through the mistakes I made. The truth of the matter is “We don’t know what we don’t know” about nutrition, weight loss, and disease prevention/management. I wasted many years, trying to “figure it out” on my own.

I am very transparent with my clients when bringing both a professional and personal approach to meeting their specific needs.

Personal Life

I live in the “City Beautiful” Orlando, Florida. My husband and I are proud parents of one son who was born in March of 2014. I am a member of Rejoice in the Lord Ministries where I humbly serve in various leadership roles. I love spending fun time with my family, reading with my son and helping with homework. For fun, I enjoy working out, cooking, bike riding, skating, and playing the piano. Soon, I hope to add swimming to the list.


Here’s a snippet of what we will work on together:

  • A careful review of your medical history, food logs and prior labs to help us identify the root causes of why you’re struggling with your weight

  • Teaching you some mindfulness tools that will help you move towards a healthy relationship with food to reduce sugar cravings, late-night snacking, and stressing eating

  • Creating a personalized nutrition & lifestyle that easily integrates into your daily living so that you’re able to trust yourself again around food, even ‘forbidden foods’ without binging

  • Optimizing your energy levels throughout the day so you don’t have to depend on caffeine and/or sugary foods to get your day started and to survive those afternoon hours

  • Fueling your body with delicious meals and snacks that are packed with variety that leave you feeling satisfied

  • Evaluating your currently exercise routine to ensure it’s as effective as possible with an adequate mix of cross training and recovery days. If you currently don’t exercise, I have you covered. We’ll design a workout plan for you


"When I started with Sandra, I was over 65 and did not think I could lose weight due to age and medications. While still eating my favorite foods, I lost 89 lbs in 2 years and delayed double knee replacement surgery."

Eustacia D.

Winter Garden, FL


"After 30 days of working with Sandra, I lost 9.6 pounds. I lost several inches, had energy, and feel great! I either purchased new clothes or was digging in boxes for clothes I had not worn in years! Extra bonus, my husband’s elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels now normal!"

Celia C.

Winter Springs, FL

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Let's Work Together

I provide customized nutrition and lifestyle plans that meet your specific needs!

Private Coaching

Whether you have tried to lose weight on your own, alarmed by abnormal labs, newly diagnosed, or need management of an existing medical condition(s), my 1:1 personalized programs will transform your entire spirit, soul and body.

Group Programs

I offer programs that will not only put you on the right health path, but also jump start your weight loss, boost energy levels and begin building healthy habits for life.

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