The 3x3x3 (Triple 3) Strategy to Nail Your 2021 Goals!

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We are still in the New Year and setting goals is still a priority for many.

What are your goals related to spiritual growth, family, personal life, self-care (exercise, travel, fun), career, business and health?

Are you afraid of setting goals for fear of not following through?

Maybe you have goals, but not sure how to accomplish them.

Here’s 3 sure-fire easy steps that will give a sense of peace that the goals you set are not just dreams but are actually achievable.

3x3x3 (Triple 3) #1 “Setting 3-month time frame”

We’ll  do a 3-month time frame because I find it very overwhelming and difficult to conceptualize what is going to happen in 6 months, yet alone an entire year.

Generally, setting 3-month goals results in less overwhelm than setting goals 6-months to a year out.

Also, it helps makes your plans more flexible. If we’re honest, life happens. Things come up unexpectedly that usually derail 6- and 12-month goals pretty early in the game.

Pick goals for the next 3 months. We are already February, so goal setting through May is absolutely fine. So, let’s talk about what those goals are. Most people make the mistake of setting goals way too broad and way too big.

3x3x3 (Triple 3) #2 “Setting 3 Compelling SMART Goals”

Within this 3-month period, what do you want to accomplish?

Next, come up with 3 very compelling SMART goals that you would like to achieve for your health, in personal life, in career, in business, etc.

Ideally this will occur in the SMART goal format.

What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

An acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant
AND time-based. Realistic goals are detailed and addresses the
who/what/when/where and how.


Typical goal: I will start eating fruit every day
S.M.A.R.T. goal: I will eat one piece of fruit at breakfast three times this week

Typical goal: I will stop eating out so much for lunch
S.M.A.R.T. goal: I will pack my lunch two times this week instead of eating out

Typical goal: I will lose 30 pounds in the New Year
S.M.A.R.T. goal: I will lose 1-2 pounds per week in the next 6 months by following the recommendations of my Registered Dietitian and tracking my weight weekly.


3x3x3 (Triple 3) #3 “Picking 3 action steps with due Dates”

Now that you have 3 specific and achievable goals in place, we need to identify the “actionable steps” necessary to reach each goal with a due date attached.

What does this really mean….

You’re creating  3 action steps with due dates that are really going to anchor and help you achieve these bigger SMART goals.

I will be honest, this is going to take a bit of thinking. You really want to sit down and really think about and break down the bigger SMART.

In other words, what are the little steps that I can do in order to achieve that bigger SMART goal

Key to Successful Goal Setting….

  1. Make your goals relevant! If there is no sense of urgency or real pain, then it’s likely you will not follow-through with the goal. Examples, last doctor’s visit you learned your pre-diabetic. The doctor has put you on Metformin. In order to get off the meds and prevent the progression to DM, you must lose at least 20 pounds! I hear this and similar stories all the time. The relevance in this case is she does not want to stay on meds or get Diabetes.
  2. Get Support.  Trust that it is “okay” to seek help to lose weight AND keep it off. It is not as easy as cutting carbs, doing “Keto”, or even going vegan/vegetarian.
  3. End the vicious cycle. What’s the point of going on an extreme diet, losing 30,40, 50 pounds, just to gain it all back and add health problems to mix. Gaining your health back and gaining back your body does not require a period of deprivation and a long list of foods to avoid.
  4. So soul search WHY it’s important to reach this particular goal. What is your “BIG WHY” that is going to keep you motivated to stay the course for the long-haul

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