“I no longer look to food for comfort and to pass the time away”

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My Unhealthy Relationship with Food…

I had a very stressful job and I was using food as a way to cope with the stress. I was not eating food for its nutritional value or treating it as fuel. I just wanted comfort food after a long work day or week. Portions did not matter. After over eating, I would feel guilty and tried to exercise the bad habits away. It became clear that I could not out train my habits and I began giving up. I knew I needed help when I hit a number on the scale that was foreign to me.  At my yearly physical, my primary added obesity as a concern to my chart.

Working with Sandra…

I had tried every “diet” out there, and the weight was not coming off. When I started with Sandra, I was 185# (left) and 4 months later, I was 163# (right). I never felt deprived one day. I traveled, dined out, and coped with Covid-19 while still losing weight.

With Sandra’s help, I finally learned how to refocus the role of food in my life. I no longer look to food for comfort or as a way to pass time.  I was able to fit into clothing that I was not able to fit in years and able to run 5ks while in her program w/ less pain!

Sandra is very relatable and is very knowledge about nutrition! She was able to guide me through a very difficult progress with kindness and compassion. I looked forward to our meetings because I left each meeting with a new tool that I was able to use for life.

My Life Now…

During a major life change, new job in a different state, I was able to maintain the weight I lost. After getting settled, I had to tools in my toolbox to resume reaching my weight loss goals.  This was such a load off my shoulder. I continue following the principles and flexibility of Sandra’s program.

Clem U, Orlando FL.

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