“A Wellness Vision and Your North Star “

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What’s a Wellness Vision?

What is a “North Star”?

How You Can Craft a “Wellness Vision” To Help You Stay Focused On Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals?

What is a Wellness Vision

wellness vision is a compelling description of your best self. It defines what you truly want and how you live when you’re at your best.

The vision may include behaviors, actions, strengths, feelings, values and relationships. Here, the vision is action related – Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss!

First you must anchor your vision by clarifying why it’s important

This is called your intrinsic motivators. Simply said, your “BIG WHY”.

WHY is losing weight so important to you?


  • “I want to be healthy so I can be around for my grand kids”
  • “Fear of dying at a young age like my parents
  • “look nicer in my clothes”
  • “Set a better example for my kids”
  • “Get of Medications and get Diabetes under control”

This is very personalized and specific to YOU

Next, what are your strengths that you can leverage to turn your vision into a reality

What are your strengths that you can leverage to turn your vision into a reality?

“I am tenacious and determined”

“When I have a plan, I will follow it”

“When I’m held accountability, I am committed”

Finally, what are the challenges that might crop up and get in your way?

We want to identify these, and trouble shoot challenges in advance so they don’t become obstacles!


  • “When work demands more of me, I stress eat”
  • “I focus too much on the number on the scale”
  • “Sweet cravings hit me every night after a long day”


As you see, weight loss is really NOT about losing weight at all.

Behavioral Goals are set to make your Vision of healthy and sustainable weight loss a reality.

Behavioral Goals is one key to a SUCCESSFUL and a FUN weight loss journey!

Have identified your vision, anchor, strengths, and challenges?

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