Group Programs

Group Programs Leverage Positive Energy, Support, and Accountability to Lead you to the Best Path to Weight Loss and Healthy Habits that Last for Life!

I create group programs that will not only jump start healthy weight loss and boost energy levels, but also improve overall health outcomes and build healthy habits that will last for life!


Body Reboot Blueprint

Created for adults who want to end the vicious cycle of dieting, stress eating, sugar cravings, gaining lost weight back (and more), while at the same time feeling tired and sluggish day after day.


I promise you that this program will lay the foundation to igniting healthy and sustainable weight loss, boosting energy levels, and keeping sugar cravings at bay.



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My Clients Love Group Programs

The perfect 'safe haven' to realizing you are not alone, gain back hope for what’s possible, learn information that’s useful for life and help others succeed.


"By the end of the 3-day challenge and Body Reboot Blueprint, I lost 8 lbs and eliminated inflammation in my joints that made it painful to
exercise or even get dressed in the morning. My hormones/mood were in balance and I was no longer struggling with my depression."

Sharissa D.

Sacramento, CA


"There is a lot of information out there. About ¾ the way through Body Reboot Blueprint, I realized that I had “6 o’clock news” knowledge. I’ve been on lots of diets. This is the first time I feel like it might be sustainable for long term."

Laurie G.

Titusville, FL


"I found meal planning, shopping, and coming up with healthy but tasty recipes difficult. I was looking for something that wasn’t a diet to go on and off. I lost about 8 pounds without feeling like I was starving and feel better about myself. I have fewer food cravings!"

Suzan T.

Winter Park, FL

Interested in Private Coaching?

The #1 difference in my program and what you have tried in the past is support! Two other bonuses you get with me are accountability and finally knowing what to eat! All this and more with my unique 5-Step Approach To Total Body Wellness…

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