“Joint Inflammation Eliminated, Depressed Controlled Without Meds and Lost 15 lbs”

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Before Body Reboot Blueprint (BRB)

Before I participated in “Body Reboot Blueprint” I felt I lived a healthy lifestyle but still didn’t feel that I had much control over my weight, my energy level,  or the way my body felt. I decided to take the program because I had just completed a 3-day “No Sugar Challenge” with Sandra. Not only was I enjoying working with her, but I was already starting to feel like I had more energy.

How Body Reboot Blueprint Transformed my Life

During “Body Reboot Blueprint” I learned more about taking care of myself than just eating healthy foods. We learned how to balance time between work and rest, the importance of eating at regular intervals so as not to succumb to sugar cravings, how to chose foods for snacks and meals to feel satiated longer, and how to plan and prep meals so that the choice to eat healthy foods is an easy one.

By the end of the program I had:

  • lost 8 pounds
  • felt refreshed when I woke up in the morning
  • didn’t feel the desire to nap throughout the day
  • eliminated inflammation in my joints that made it painful to exercise or even get dressed in the morning
  • gotten my hormones and mood in balance so that I was no longer struggling with my depression

My Life Now

Working with Sandra has been, not only life changing, but fun too! Since, BRB completed, I continue working with Sandra privately and have lost 15 lbs and counting, plus 

  • Mental state optimal. I’m managing depression and mood without medications
  • Mood as been more stable than in the past
  • Feel healthier
  • Increased discipline to stay on course during the busyness and craziness of life.
  • Not emotionally eating as in the past
  • Making a conscious choices to eat burger and fries and enjoyed it!
  • Fitting clothes not able to in the past


She is knowledgeable and professional while being very positive and approachable. It’s obvious that she is passionate about her work and in helping us live healthier lives!

Sharissa, D. Sacramento, CA

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