3 Surprising Ways That Weight Loss Improves Immunity
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3 Surprising Ways That Weight Loss Improves Immunity

3 Surprising Ways That Weight Loss Improves Immunity

As the number of Coronavirus cases increase and the level of uncertainty as to how long this season will last,

many of you have asked me for information on boosting your immune system naturally.

#1 Lifestyle and Diet Matters

Your immune system can become compromised over time by your everyday food & lifestyle choices.

A diet that lacks certain nutrients,

  • chronic stress
  • excessive alcohol consumption,
  • intense or excessive exercise,
  • lack of sleep
  • lack of exercise,
  • and smoking all impact immunity.


But here’s the good news!

There’s a lot you can do to increase immunity. Focus on what you CAN change, and that begins with what you eat (or your diet).

#2 Excess Fat

Excess fat around the abs can turn the body’s defense system against you, leading to heart and other diseases.

Shedding just 5 to 10 pounds could straighten out an off-balance immune system. The immune system is made up of many kinds of cells that protect the body from germs, viruses and other invaders.

These cells need to co-exist in a certain balance for good health to be maintained. Many factors, including diet and excess body fat, can tip this balance, creating immune cells that can harm, rather than protect, our bodies.

Scientists have known for some time that excess body fat, particularly abdominal fat, triggers the production of so-called “pro-inflammatory” immune cells, which circulate in the blood and promote inflammation in our bodies. Such chronic inflammation has been linked with coronary artery disease and other health problems.

This is a good time to make changes to your eating patterns, incorporating effective cardio, and most importantly – consistency with both to combat that stubborn ‘belly fat’.

#3 Gut Healthy and Immunity

Question/Fruit for Thought –

Do you think having an unhealthy immune system prevents or hinders weight loss??? Stay tuned, let’s see…

New research is showing, immune cells in the gut may determine whether our metabolisms run hot or cold.  The immune system determines levels of inflammation in the gut that are constantly shaping the way we digest food— how many calories get absorbed, and how many nutrients simply pass through.

Scientists have shown for the first time that even modest weight loss reverses many of the damaging changes often seen in the immune cells of those that carry excess weight and those with a high BMI. (Simply a marker for health risk – no more/no less) .

Modest weight loss of about  13 lb is enough to bring the pro-inflammatory nature of circulating immune cells back to that found in people with a normal BMI (lower risk for health complications)

The best route to a well-functioning immune system is to do what Doctors and Dietitians always tell us to do:

  • Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fiber and whole grains within your specific caloric needs!
  • Get seven to nine hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation is bad, increases inflammatory factors
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Try to manage your stress as much as possible
  • Stop smoking.
  • Don’t drink excessively.


These steps will lead to healthy weight loss and/or maintenance of a healthy weight.


Overall, losing weight benefits the health of our immune system – especially losing in the ‘mid section’. Simply shedding just 5 to 10 pounds can straighten out an off-balance immune system. Time is on your side NOW more than ever before.

Take advantage of this transition in our lifestyle to reset priorities and focus more on your personal weight loss and health goals that’s taken a back seat in the past.

Important Announcement

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