The Unsexy Way to Supplement Your Diet and Bolster Your Immune Syste
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The Unsexy Way to Supplement Diet and Bolster Immunity

The Unsexy Way to Supplement Diet and Bolster Immunity

No time like the present to get educated on how to keep your body as healthy as possible. Remember, the only way to prevent getting infected by COVID-19 is diligent and good hygiene practices.

Having a strong immune system will help your body “fight the fight” of any illness or virus. The goal is to avoid always trying to “get the body ready to fight”. The goal is to “keep the Body Ready to fight.”

Supplements are not a Replacement For Food

Many people who to take a lot of over-counter-supplements to address energy, sleep, aches, GI distress, pre-workout, post-workout, etc.

When it comes to supplements, there’s so much hype about their potential benefits that it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. While it’s true that vitamins and minerals are essential to health, it’s not true that taking them in pill, capsule, or powder form — especially in megadoses — is necessary, or without risks.

In general, most people don’t need multiple individual supplements or vitamins for a healthy lifestyle. However, there are cases where people may be at a risk for a deficiency.

Diet is key. Better yet, an adequate and well-balanced eating pattern is key! Supplements are just that, they accompany or supplement an already healthy eating pattern.

Supplements Help Fill in the Gaps

Many of us don’t eat enough of the fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods we need to keep ourselves healthy year-round.  You can’t just eat an orange or grapefruit and expect one quick burst of vitamin C to prevent a cold, illness or virus.

Bottom line:

“You cannot expect that if you eat poorly, but take a supplement (or a whole bunch of supplements!), your immune system will still be highly effective. What you eat, not what you supplement with, is what is most important to build your defenses against germs.

Supplements are not an antidote to unhealthy eating.  Supplements, can help to fill in gaps in an otherwise healthy eating plan

A truly healthy immune system depends on a balanced nutritious diet, plus normal sleep patterns, and a hefty dose of exercise!

The Unsexy Way to Supplement Diet -Revealed

I personally believe in laying a solid nutrition foundation.  Meaning, feeding the body the maximum levels of vitamins, minerals, nutrients possible from food to meet the body needs. Once the foundation is laid, this gives the body a chance to resolve any ill side effects from nutritional deficiencies.

Such as fatigue, muscle/joint aches and pains, inflammation, GI upset, headaches, food intolerance’s, hormonal imbalances etc. Unless there is a ‘true’ medical condition, the body will resolve most side effects from malnutrition in a short period of time.

Once a person is “nutritionally fit”, “physically fit” and getting adequate sleep (7+  hours EVERY night), majority of people only need a basic multi-vitamin/mineral to fill in those gaps that is either 1) not met through food or 2) not fully absorbed by the body from food.


The unsexy way to supplement your diet and to bolster your immune system is a simply, a basic multi-vitamin/mineral!

My absolute favorite multivitamin and mineral supplement is the:

O.N.E. Multivitamin by Pure Encapsulations. It’s a once-daily multivitamin with sustained-release CoQ10. Made with hypoallergenic, vegetarian ingredients.

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