Let the 30 Day Weight Loss/Transformation Begin... (Calories in)
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Let the 30 Day Weight Loss/Transformation Begin… (Calories in)

As Terrance provides you all with effective and efficient workouts, remember nutrition is 80% of the equation. As I share with clients “You can’t out workout a bad diet” – one of the rare occasions I use the word diet. Smile.

Make the most of what Terrance has put together for you.

Women, if you are eating less than 1000 calories/per day, you’re self-sabotaging your results. Not only will you crash and burn during the workouts, you will not lose weight or transforms body composition.

Men, if you are eating less than 1500 calories/per day you’re self-sabotaging your results in the same manner as stated above plus losing muscle mass.

Regardless of your maro-nutrient (carbs-protein-fat) composition, if you’re restricting calories to much, results will suffer. Terrance and I want you to learn how to maintain this for LIFE – not just 30 days.


**For more information on a individualized plan, please inbox me directly and mention ConVersatePromo***