Holiday Spirits (Regulating/ Controlling) Many people 'drink'  and  'eat' their
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Holiday Spirits (Regulating/ Controlling)

Holiday Spirits (Regulating/ Controlling)

What are Holiday Spirits?

Any Non-alcoholic and Alcoholic beverage. If its not water – it’s a beverage with calories!


Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Many people ‘drink‘  and  ‘eat‘ their calories. Regardless of the modality, its still more calories going in than the body needs. Non-Alcoholic drinks contain added sugar and usually leads to a false sense of fullness. Unless, you hang around the party long enough – you will want to eat. Packing on more calories.

Alcoholic Drinks

Most people who drink alcohol tend to either drink or eat. Alcoholic beverages tend to interfere with hungry cues – temporarily.  In this case, we are taking in double the calories from the alcohol itself PLUS the chaser (if added). Again, if you hang around the party long enough – you will want to eat. Packing on more calories.


What to do Instead…

Give yourself permission to enjoy! Don’t make the event more than what it is. Recognize that overeating is normal in these situation. The goal is to not get stuffed!

Have your drink and eat too – unless you truly prefer just to drink water. Doing it sensibly is key. Limit to 1-2 drinks and eat without feeling stuffed.  I encourage my clients to maintain current weight going into the holiday season as this affords many liberties without feeling deprived.

PS: Never attend a holiday event or meal hungry!


Additional Tips:

  1. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach
  2. Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks (ideally at least 8 oz water)
  3. Avoid combining alcohol with energy drinks
  4. Eat before, and while, you are drinking

Transport and Safety

Transport and safety:

  1. Don’t drink and drive.
  2. Organize a skipper/designated driver when going out.
  3. Be sure to bring enough money for a taxi.
  4. Never get into a car if the driver has been drinking or taking drugs.
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