Ditch the Holiday Forbidden Foods List!

Holidays are Upon Us

Holiday Mistake #4

Eating holiday left overs for weeks!

The truth is:

  • Thanksgiving is ‘one’ day…
  • Christmas is ‘one’ day…
  • New Year’s is ‘one’ day…


Why are we eating more in the last 3 months of the year than the first 9 months?  Thought-provoking question…

Select your holiday events wisely. Even decide which one’s are worth eating more and which are not. This alone will save a bunch of calories. The goal is to come out of the holiday season the same weight you went into the holiday season. Trust me, weight maintenance gives plenty of room for enjoyment.

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

and pack on pounds indulging in rich, fattening fare.  The last 3 months of the year can be quite tempting:

  • Halloween – all that candy
  • Thanksgiving – dressing, mac-n-cheese, casseroles, homemade desserts
  • Holiday parties – alcohol
  • Christmas – eggnog, dressing, casseroles, mac-n-cheese, homemade desserts
  • New Year’s Parties – more alcohol
  • New Year’s – alcohol and late night breakfast
  • Oh yeah, Super Bowl Parties – alcohol, wings, chips, dip

Ditch the Forbidden Foods List

Like many, you have done your google search for foods to ‘avoid‘ and foods ‘recommended‘ during the holiday season.

Doesn’t it sound much better to:

  • Enjoy without over indulging?
  • Eat anything you want in moderation?
  • Give yourself permission to enjoy some holiday favorites?


What usually happens is we go into the holidays with the best intentions, then as soon as you lay eyes on something you have not eaten since the holidays in , the “over indulge” mode kicks into high gear! 3 months later, you’re setting weight loss New Year’s Resolutions…

What to do Instead…

Go into the Holiday season ARMED to enjoy the holiday food, fun, family, fellowship AND still lose the weight that you have been working so hard on your own to lose all year.


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In your private, 1:1 session, we will:

  •   Define a crystal clear vision of your specific nutrition/weight loss path
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  •   You’ll leave the session not only inspired, but also with tangible next steps to finally start seeing results from all your hard work! 

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See mistake #3

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