I Cut Out Sweets: Still NOT Losing Weight?

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You’ve said sayonara to cookies, cake, ice cream, and virtually anything that comes in a bag or a box that has added-sugar, so why haven’t the pounds magically flown off your tummy, butt and hips?

It’s true that a foundational step toward losing weight is taking out highly processed junk food — that is, anything that has a label that reads more like a lab experiment.

Oftentimes, though, nixing junk food isn’t enough on its own. Here are three (3)  common reasons why the scale may not be moving in the right direction.

“I Cut Out Sweets/Desserts: Why am I Still NOT Losing Weight?”


Reason #1 Restricting carbs/calories too much over a long period of time

I will agree that having controls on the amount of ‘added sugar’ we take in is vital to weight management and overall health.

However, with the best intentions of cutting out added sugar, we tend to cut too much leading to:

  • feelings of deprivation,
  • the body not getting the nutrients it needs and hence
  • the strong and furious “SUGAR CRAVINGS”

Added sugar’ and ‘natural sugar’ have two totally different nutrient profiles and effects on the body.

Added sugar, which tend to exist in highly processed foods and baked goods general have a low nutrient profile. Ultimately having negative effects on the body such as not feeling full so we keep eating.

Natural sugar from fruit and dairy products (low-fat milk -or dairy substitutes such as lactose-free/soy milk- and LF yogurt) are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber which impacts our body in a positive manner. Such as feeling full and having less desire to snack and for heads-off cravings.

What to do instead…

As more whole foods (less processed and ample complex carbs!) are introduced into your daily eating pattern, you will organically scale down the amount of “added sugar” you eat (and even desire to want – but this happens over time).

It’s all about balance not elimination!

Reason #2  You’re Drinking your Calories

Guzzling plenty of fluids is important for weight loss, since it supports digestion and helps your body flush out toxins. But not all fluids are created equal.

Fruit juices, sugary coffee drinks and that extra glass of wine or two at dinner aren’t doing you any favors.  Not realizing, many will drink a ton of juice because they think it’s healthy, but they also don’t realize that it has a ton of calories.  Just because a food is healthier and not ‘junk food’ doesn’t mean it’s calorie-free.

What to do instead…

Keep drinking, but stick mainly to calorie-free water, black coffee, sparkling water and tea — and view that cocktail or full-fat cappuccino as an occasional indulgence.

Drink strategically, too. Try downing two cups of water 30 minutes before each meal. Research shows that this tactic can help reduce hunger and aids in weight loss over time.

While organic fruit or veggie juices may sound healthy, they are laden with sugar and calories: Instead, eat the whole foods, which are also rich in filling fiber.

Reason #3 You’re Eating Too Much of a Good Thing

Healthy whole foods like avocado, coconut oil, red meat, nuts and cheese all get points for being high-protein, satiating options, but they are also calorie-dense, too. The portion size can make a huge difference in the amount of fat and therefore calories consumed in a day.  One medium avocado, for example, has over 300 calories and 30 grams of total fat.

Research shows that attempting to avoid certain foods usually makes people more vulnerable to binge.  Yes, the intentional decision to not eat sweets, ice cream, baked goods was made.

However, now you find yourself eating more of everything else: meat, veggies, crackers, fruit, rice, nuts PLUS the sweets you’re not eating have been replaced with chips, coffee loaded with cream, protein bars, smoothies, wine, eating out more

What to do instead…

When it comes to high-fat, high-calorie whole foods, sticking to healthy portion sizes is key.

Healthy eating can and should include your favorite foods you choose simply for enjoyment rather (I call it fun food) than nutrition.  Sometimes it is better to have a bit of whatever it is you are craving than try and find a substitute.


At the end of the day, healthy living, weight loss, weight maintenance is about balance eating and giving yourself permission to enjoy your favorite foods (even those with added sugar) in moderation.

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