“I’ve Spent Thousands of Dollars on Various Diet Programs. At 70, I was Looking for a Life Without a Diet”

Britton JoAnn Before (30-Aug-20) After (21-Oct-20) Orange

My History With Dieting…

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on various diet programs, just to gain the weight back. At 70 years of age I was looking for a life without a diet. After my first consultation with Sandra I realized this wasn’t a diet program, but a lifestyle change.  I knew she would teach me how to eat healthy, while eating foods that I enjoyed without the cravings and loose weight and keep it off.

My Health Concerns…

I have been blessed with good health, however I have a family history of heart disease and cancer. I was concerned that if I didn’t rid my body of excess fat and become more active I would succumb to the many health issues of my parents and grandparents.

Portion control and cravings were a problem for me. I ate because I saw, not because I was hungry.

Because of my excess weight my knees have been a problem.  There were some things I didn’t do to avoid the knee pain. My productivity was limited because of the need for naps.  My energy level was low, requiring an afternoon nap on most days. In addition, I was not happy with my appearance.

Working With Sandra…

In four months (at age 70):

  • Down from a tight 14 to size 8
  • Lost 23 lbs (13% loss from original weight)
  • Gained lots of energy
  • Sleep soundly
  • Exercise regularly and have more endurance

I am more thoughtful in my choices of food, both at home and eating out. I am no longer eating because I see.

My Life Now…

  • No limitations
  • No need for naps
  • I am pleased with my appearance

I work part-time where and on my feet 5 hour a day. Now, I am full energized and no longer feeling sluggish during day. I am active in church activities and have a full life with my husband of 50 years.

Sandra is very kind, conscientious and really enjoys what she does. I can also tell she cared about my success. She is calm, reassuring, and amazingly patient and I am so grateful for all of her encouragement. She walks with you through the process of changing your attitude about nutrition.

I have absolutely no reservations about recommending It’s All About Choices to anyone. My coworkers are continually commenting about my weight loss and they see how I eat and how I am not tempted by some of their unhealthy choices.

JoAnn B, Orlando, FL.

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