What is it Costing you to Keep Putting Off? What is the gain by getting sta
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What is it Costing you to Keep Putting Off?

What is it Costing you to Keep Putting Off?

Why do you think we put off until tomorrow (next week, month or year, smile) what you should do today. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Procrastination protects you from the higher expectations and greater responsibilities that may come with succeeding. Like those who procrastinate because they fear failure, you keep yourself safe from facing your true limits by avoiding challenges and putting things off!

Fruit for thought….

What is it Costing you to Keep Putting Weight-Loss (including Health Goals) Off?

To my surprise, many of my clients had some ambivalence (doubt) about losing weight initially. Despite, the fact they really wanted to lose the pounds. Once they opened up and shared why, it made perfect sense.  Here are a few concerns:

  • Fear of the attention from looking attractive again
  • Spouse not fully on board
  • Anxiety about keeping the weight off long term


This empowered me to not only put on my ‘coaching‘ hat, but also my ‘player-coach‘ hat. I’m in this game just like you. I live with the pressure of keeping my own weight loss off and maintaining. I  have my moments where ‘I fall short and over indulge’.

What is the gain by getting started?

I remember when I had to lose at least 20-25 lb to help lower my blood pressure.  I procrastinated for two years before, I acknowledged needing help and worked with a Registered Dietitian. My life was forever changed not just personally, but also professionally.

I invite you get started! If not with me, with another Registered Dietitian or Licensed Nutritionist.  Just make sure they are Registered and Licensed – there is a difference!

  • Gain new found energy you never dreamed you could ever have again
  • Build a healthier relationship with food and realize there are no ‘forbidden foods’
  • Give yourself permission to enjoy joy without guilt or how it effect your current medical condition
  • Boost you confidence and live life to the fullest
  • Just to name a few!


You have the power to change the course of your destiny