What are the best Greek yogurts? - It's All About Choices
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What are the best Greek yogurts?

What are the best Greek yogurts?

There are so many yogurt options. Many people don’t eat yogurt due to having ‘too much such’.  Not all yogurt options are desserts. When the nutritional criteria is in check, majority of the sugar is natural milk sugar (called lactose), which makes it a healthy choice.


Check out my take on yogurt and how to choose!

What are the benefits of Greek yogurt in general and vs. regular yogurt?
Both Greek and Regular yogurt provide similar benefits – probiotics, calcium, and protein. Greek yogurt provides more protein than regular yogurt. On average 12 grams per serving versus 8 grams per serving. Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency. It really comes down to preference for the individual.

What ingredient and nutritional criteria do I follow to determine what are the best Greek yogurt?
The three (3) nutritional criteria I provide clients for choosing Greek (or regular) yogurt per serving are: 1) 80-100 calories, 2) near 15 grams of total carbohydrates, and 3) Low-fat or Fat-free.  A serving is 6 oz and most single serving contains are 5.3 oz.

What are my favorite Greek yogurt brands that you recommend to clients?
Publix 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt. This replaced Chobani Simply 100 after it was discontinued.

Other brands that have good labels include: Chobani, Dannon, Oikos Triple Zero, and Siggis. It really comes down to preference once the nutritional criteria is met!