How to Stay on Track During the Holiday Season!

Holidays are Upon Us

Holiday Mistake #2

Going back for seconds!

In most cases, the first plate is pretty full of food.  Then, while you eating you see food you missed while making your plate. As more people walk past you with food you missed, self-control is out the window!

Therefore, I recommend assessing the options before making your plate.  Going back for seconds is what generally sets people over the edge in one of two ways: 1) too stuffed, or 2) ‘what the hell‘ syndrome and just keep eating uncontrollable. Both of which lead to holiday weight gain.

January 2020…

Remember those New years resolutions and weight loss goals you set for yourself on January 1?   Seems like a lifetime ago right?


Fast Forward 10 Months….

  • Have you lost the weight you hoped for?
  • Are your energy levels higher?
  • Do you feel healthier?


If you answered NO to one or more of these questions, trust me you are not alone. The good news, it’s not too late to answer YES to all 3 of these questions before 2019 comes to an end.


What to do Instead…

[CLICK HERE] and watch a short video on what to do instead..

Again, [CLICK HERE] to fill out the application and it submit. Over the next week, I will choose 10 applicants to receive a complimentaryNutrition & Weight Loss Jump Start Session” from me.

In your private, 1:1 session, we will:

  •   Define a crystal clear vision of your specific nutrition/weight loss path
  •   Uncover the hidden challenges and unconscious self-sabotage that’s been holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off
  •   You’ll leave the session not only inspired, but also with tangible next steps to finally start seeing results from all your hard work! 

See mistake #1

See mistake #3


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