Packing a Lunch vs Cafeteria Food/Eating Out. What do you save by pack
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Packing a Lunch vs Cafeteria Food/Eating Out

Packing a Lunch vs Cafeteria Food/Eating Out

For many this is the second week of getting back into a routine and the kiddos back in school. As parents, in this situation, how are you adjusting? Still, a little crazy, huh.

Even if you are past the stage of having school aged kids in the house, packing your lunch is still just as important!

What do you save by packing your lunch?

  1. M-o-n-e-y
  2. excess calories
  3. excess fat (especially the heart-clogging fat)
  4. excess sodium/salt (a weight-loss buster!


Packing lunch tip: Start slow. Pick 1-3 days out of the work week  to pack your lunch.

  • Keep it s-i-m-p-l-y in the beginning,
  • Eat left overs from dinner (just make it complete meal – grain or starch, lean protein, and vegetables),
  • There is nothing wrong with a sandwich – lower sodium turkey (or any lean protein), reduced fat cheese on whole grain bread with salad or raw veggies,
  • Of course you can throw in a piece of whole fruit!