Back to School, Getting Back into a Routine. My son started Kindergarten
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Back to School, Getting Back into a Routine

Back to School, Getting Back into a Routine

Back to school for most parents and kiddos. As parents, we usually feel one of two ways about school starting back:

  1. Ready to push the kids out the door so they can have their life back during the day or
  2. Dread the structure, routine, homework and projects that come along with school


Which one are you?

My son started Kindergarten last week and his school is all about business (with fun too)! I was ready for him to start because all his energy needs the structure, routine, homework and projects. Ha Ha Ha.

I will admit feeling a little apprehensive about the expectations of not just my son, but myself as well. Good news is, I don’t run from change. I will adjust to help set my lil man up for success!

August is about “Getting Back to a Routine

Remember to keep the kiddos properly fueled for maximum brain power with: whole fruits & veggies, lean protein, low-fat dairy, whole grains, healthy fats and plain ole water!