“Lost 24 lb in 6 months and Husband’s Elevated Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels now Normal!”


Working with Sandra and the Transformation…

After 30 days of working with Sandra, I lost 9.6 pounds. I lost several inches, had more energy and felt great! I either purchased new clothes or was digging in boxes for clothes I had not worn in years!

Overall, I lost 24 pounds in 6 months working with Sandra!

My husband also worked with Sandra and not only did he lose weight, my husband lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Labs 10/14/2014: random glucose 115 high, total cholesterol 223 high, Triglycerides 205 high, HDL 42 normal/low, LDL  140 high. Labs 10/8/2015: random glucose 102 (normal less than 99), total cholesterol 166 normal, Triglycerides 161 (normal 150 or less, HDL 48 (improved!), LDL 86 optimal. With a diagnosis of hypertension and history of elevated blood pressure while on meds, current readings are normal and averaging 121/71!

We both learned a lot about continuing nutrition – reading labels – portion control. Sandra is easy to work with and will help you understand what will work for your individual needs. Thanks Sandra!


Ceila Callahan – Winter Springs, Florida

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