30 Day Weight Loss/Transformation Week #3... ( Dinner)
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30 Day Weight Loss/Transformation Week #3… ( Dinner)

For many, dinner is more likely to occur on a regular basis than breakfast and lunch. The key is ensuring dinner is adequate enough to #1 satisfy the body’s need to function and #2 prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night so hungry that it interferes with sleep quality.

Ideally, an adequate dinner  should occur about 4 hours (when metabolism is hummin, 3 to 4 hours) after the afternoon snack .

What is an Adequate Dinner?

For starter, dinner contains a mix of carbs, protein and snack. Yes, macro-nutrients. The goal is the fuel the body with optimal ‘gas’ throughout the day. There is no evidence to support having a smaller dinner promotes weight loss. This is a personal preference and not necessary for overall health, wellness or faster weight loss. You may make any main meal your largest. The key is the total calories (and the quality of those calories) for the day is adequate for your personal health goals.

Dinner examples lacking in macro nutrients:

  • Salad with lean protein (no carbs)
  • Lettuce wrap with lean protein ( no carbs)


Sample well balanced dinner 

1/3 to ½ cup cooked brown rice

½ cup black beans or 3 oz sweet/red potatoes

1 small dinner roll (optional) or piece of fresh fruit (optional)

1 cup cooked vegetables

3-4 oz cooked lean protein (salmon, 90% lean ground beef, pork tenderloin, chicken, etc)

Essential Keys

The serving size and the amount of calories for dinner is very individualized.  Cutting out carbs at dinner is a recipe for mindless eating throughout the evening, possible GI upset, and waking up not feeling hungry for breakfastAll of this interferes with having a revived up metabolism.

**Remember, you don’t need to figure this nutrition stuff out on your own. Inbox me directly for tips on how to MAXX-i-mize your calories and watch your energy levels sky rocket and the fat melt away.

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