Let the 30 Day Weight Loss/Transformation Begin... (Snacks)
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Let the 30 Day Weight Loss/Transformation Begin… (Snacks)


In most cases, snacking gets a ‘bad rap’ because its associated with junk food. Is snacking bad? Does snacking hinder losing body fat?

Why are Snacks Important?

Snacks are an important part of a healthy eating pattern. Think of snacks a bridges between you’re main meals (breakfast, lunch AND dinner). To keep cravings and blood sugar levels at bay, snacks are the answer when you’re not able to eat a  meal around that 4 hour after last main meal.

You never want to allow yourself to get “too hungry“. When we get too much,  the greedy hormone called ghrelin (I like to call gremin) takes over and you crave everything with ZERO nutrients in sight!


What are Good Snack Options?

A snack ideally should last around 1-2 hours. Therefore, the snack must include all macro-nutrients in order to provide a sense satiety (more satisfied than full).

The following are not good snack options:

  • nuts alone
  • fruit alone
  • protein alone
  • protein bar (with little or no carbs and fat)
  • A snack that eliminates carbs


Good snack options

  • Lowfat yogurt(Greek or Regular) with nuts (not the fruit on bottom or dessert type yogurts)
  • Reduced fat string cheese with whole grain crackers
  • Fruit with peanut butter (my personal favorite is Smucker’s Natural Chunky)
  • Natural dried fruit (Raisins or Apricots) with mixed nuts – much healthier trail mix

Key to Successful Snacking

The key to incorporating healthy snacks is very individualized and dependent on the number of calories you require based on goals.  Understanding how to pair foods that will serve as snacks is essential.


**For more information on a individualized plan, please inbox me directly and mention ConVersatePromo***