Let the 30 Day Weight Loss/Transformation Begin... (Sleep)
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Let the 30 Day Weight Loss/Transformation Begin… (Sleep)

Weight loss and body transformation is way more than just about food and sweatin!

Sleep is a very key component. When we are sleep deprived, best believe you’re not going to want to eat lean protein, brown rice, and veggies for dinner. You’re hormones are going to scream much louder for a greasy 70% lean cheeseburger with fries…. I’m just saying.


How much sleep to we need?

The recommended amount is 7-9 hours EVERY night. Yes. If you find yourself say, “I don’t have time to sleep that long” Guess what, your too busy and not doing your body any justice.

Here is where “Time Management” comes into the equation. We all make time for what’s important to us. Sleep is a very high priority when it comes to weight loss, mental health, hormonal balance and overall health.

Yes we can push our bodies off  of 4 hours of sleep (many brag about this). However, this is not the best plan and you will pay for it at some point.

Where do I start?

Start by evaluating what you’re doing after 5:00 pm until your go to bed.  For most the starting place is leaving work after 8-10 hours and leaving work at work! Don’t bring it home by reading emails and the such.  Also, it usually takes a 3rd party to help identify the “Matters that really Matter” to free up precious time for an increased quality of life!


**For more information on a individualized plan, please inbox me directly and mention ConVersatePromo***