How to not completely derail your weight loss/health goals
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Juggling family (extended) over the holiday season.

Juggling family (extended) over the holiday season.

Is Your Family Sabotaging Your Health Goals (including weight loss)?

A loaded question question huh!

In many families, food is the glue that bonds everyone together. Turning down food or trying to eat less, in many cultures, is a sign of disrespect.  This makes not only weight loss difficult anytime of the year, but also managing an existing chronic illness such as Diabetes and blood pressure. This also adds more pressure on those trying to take preventative measures such as reversing Pre-Diabetes.


How to not completely derail your weight loss/health goals?

Family tradition pressure is real. I have many clients that have real anxiety over this very situation. Changing life long habits is difficult enough. Not having family support and/or understanding makes it more challenging.  In  some cases, its the mocking from family members when they find out you have specific health goals that you may have previously failed at accomplishing in the past many times over.

The magic question: How do you maintain your person health/weight loss goals, without all the added negative attention from ‘doing things different’ than whats expected of you?

Some tips that has helped clients cope (when little to no family support is present)

  • Don’t share that you have health/weight loss goals
  • Don’t completely do a 180 degree turn and refuse food family knows are your favorites
  • Eat the same food (only if tolerated), but smaller portions – without drawing attention to yourself
  • When asked, “Is that all your going to eat?” – Say you are full and your stomach hurts. You can even add you will eat more later because everything was GREAT (you must sound believable!)


Remember over eating is expected during the holidays and special events. Give yourself permission to eat. Eat mindfully. Avoid getting stuffed!

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