Inventory of Accomplishments in 2019. By nature, we tend to hang on to
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Inventory of Accomplishments in 2019

Inventory of Accomplishments in 2019


By nature, we tend to hang on to negativity.  Hence, setting New Year’s Resolutions.

Instead, let’s focus on self- acknowledgment. Avoid hating on yourself  in this New Year – 2020 new decade.

Before setting New Year’s resolutions – reflect on the past year (2019) by:

  • Acknowledging what you do it and what went well
  • Shifting your brain to think about the positive and what went well
  • Taking stock over the past year and what went well


Hopefully, you have a nice list of your successes in 2019. Feel “Thankful.”  Feel “Blessed.” Feel “Proud” of your accomplishments!

One accomplishment I have is being able to respond to clients request for a monthly subscription-based accountability program to help them stay on track and have continued support after completing one of my signature programs.

I would love hear one of your accomplishments in 2019.  Reply to