Not about what you "Can't eat". Not about what you
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Not about what you “Can’t eat”

The good news is, this holiday edition is not about what you “can’t eat” or “shouldn’t eat” during this time of the year. This holiday edition IS about:

1. giving you permission to eat your favorite foods,
2. taking your power back from food,
3. reducing guilt, and
4. avoiding triggers to overeat!

Practical Tips for Holiday Eating

Here are some simple yet practical tips to help you through Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas, New Year’s and every other day throughout the year.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast and don’t eat a lighter breakfast. Saving up calories until the big meal or event is a recipe for over-eating. You never want to allow yourself to get too hungry.
  2. Depending on the time of the big meal or event, continue your scheduled meals and snacks. Avoid long gaps between meals. Refer to above for the reason…
  3. Eat slowing and enjoy the flavors. Most of us are guilty of eating way too fast. This also leads to eating until we are stuffed!
  4. Discipline yourself to stop eating when you feel moderately full (slight stomach distention). Take left overs home, if you are not able to sample everything!
  5. Avoid going back for seconds! You are setting yourself up to overeat.
  6. If you fear no food will be left if you stop eating before your stuffed, make a plate at put to the side. Don’t use this as the reason to overeat.
  7. Don’t restrict or deprive yourself. This will surely lead to a binge later…
  8. Determine the foods you like the most and taste the best at each event/meal and make room for these foods
  9. Continue/start physical activity that you enjoy and get plenty of rest. Sleep deprivation interferes with hunger and fullness cues
  10. Don’t skip breakfast!!!!