9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals - It's All About Choices
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9 Reasons to Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals

How many times have you said “I really need to lose this weight!”. However, the motivation to lose the weight is not on board! Well, weight-loss motivation is all about keeping specific benefits in mind. Here’s what you can look forward to once you drop pounds.

1. You’ll Be Less Likely to Get Inflammatory Conditions

Your weight-loss motivation: Fat—especially belly fat—is filled with cells that release pro-inflammatory substances into your body, which means your immune system is too busy to fight off other types of inflammation. This increases your risk of anything with an -itis (arthritis, dermatitis, colitis.  Lose weight and you’ll see many of the aches, pains, rashes, and other discomforts subside.

2. You’ll Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Your weight-loss motivation: Being obese increases your risk of at least seven types of cancer: bowel, breast, gall bladder, kidney, pancreatic, throat, and uterine.

3. Your Heart Will Be Stronger

Your weight-loss motivation: Excess fat around your heart or lining your blood vessels makes blood flow difficult and increases your risk of a heart attack.

4. You’ll Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

Your weight-loss motivation: If you eat an unhealthy diet, eventually, your body can’t make enough insulin, causing diabetes.

5. You’ll Sleep Better

Your weight-loss motivation: Weight loss lessened the severity of obstructive sleep apnea (a sleep disorder characterized by the stopping and starting of breathing). Once you drop enough weight, you’ll notice changes in the ability to breathe easier. (Belly fat pushes your diaphragm up, decreasing lung volume.)

6. Boost Fertility

Your weight-loss motivation: Women with BMIs between 35 and 40 have a 23 to 43 percent decreased chance of getting pregnant compared to women whose BMI is 29.. Not to mention, being overweight during pregnancy increases your risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

7. You May Live Longer

Your weight-loss motivation: Research reports that being 80 pounds overweight can shorten your life expectancy by 10-plus years! 14-plus years if you’re 100 pounds overweight”

8. You’ll Have a Better Quality of Life

Your weight-loss motivation: A healthy weight doesn’t just increase the amount of years you’re on this earth—it makes you better able to enjoy them.  Would you rather have two decades of doctor’s appointments, medical treatments, living with pain, and being out of breath OR run around with your kids and/or grandkids….

9. One Last Thing…

Just like you can’t spot-train, you can’t determine the specific health benefit your weight loss will produce. Everything in the body is interconnected, so losing weight isn’t just going to help your heart, just your brain, or just your immune system. Your whole body is going to reap the rewards 

So… what are you going to do today to move toward your personal health and/or weight loss goals?