Working Out tip – How to get to the gym. Take time for yourself before the
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Working Out Tip – How to get to the Gym

Working Out Tip – How to get to the Gym

Things are settling down from kids going back to school. Take time for yourself before the holiday craziness kicks in!

What is the biggest pitfall most of us have in life ???? Procrastination!

Procrastination means to delay or postpone action; put off doing something.

One of the most difficult things regarding exercise is…. Getting started!

For those who prefer to workout after work, here is a very simply tip to you “getting started”

Tip #1

Pack your workout clothes, water and post workout snack each night and take them both to work the next day. Don’t forget to it all in the car the next morning, smile.

Mistake #1

Going home first to change clothes and then head to the gym. I remember when I was in ‘Corporate America’, going home first was a w-r-a-p for me. I was not leaving – unless I was going out to socialize. Just being real.



Working out, health and weight loss go hand in hand. Nutrition is 80% of the equation, but when effective exercise is part of the equation early in the game, they work together synergistically to maximize results! It goes without saying, “You cannot *out* workout a bad diet!”



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