Fad Diets Through the Decades...To Eat or Not to Eat?
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Fad Diets Through the Decades…

Fad Diets Through the Decades…

In this day, fad diets are anything but new. They have come and gone for years – and years.  Let’s have some fun and take a walk down memory lane of various “Fad Diets” from the 1920’s to 2020. The truth is there are way more diets than I am sharing, but these are among the most popular and/or craziest over the past 100 years.


Fad Diets Through the Decades

1920s – The Cigarette Diet

1930s – The Grapefruit Diet

1940s – The Master Cleanse

1950s – The Cabbage Soup Diet

1960s – The Drinking Man’s Diet

1980s – The Scarsdale Diet

1990s – The Atkins Diet

2000s – The Baby Food Diet

2010s – The HCG Diet

2020s – The Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting

Feel free to do a ‘Google Search’ to learn more about these Fad Diets.

Listen to Replay of Fad Diets Through the Decades

Bottom Line

I would love to say that we have learned a lot over the many decades in regard to weight loss.  It seems that in many instances, history just keeps repeating itself. However, as we begin 2020, I am going to remain hopeful and optimistic. One day, we can finally learn as a society that in order to lose weight (and keep it off) we need to make sustainable lifestyle changes and not begin yet another fad diet.


When Will The Craziness Stop!

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