Essential Tips To Losing Weight: Burn those calories (Exercise)….
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Essential Tips To Losing Weight: Burn those calories (Exercise)….

Essential Tips To Losing Weight: Burn those calories (Exercise)….

Regular exercise can boost metabolism, making creating a calorie deficit easier. Don’t miss the mark here, what you eat and drink is 80% of the equation. Exercise compliments a good eating pattern when it comes to weight loss. Effective exercise alone will improve health outcomes independent of weight loss in many cases. 

One of my mottos is “You can’t out workout a bad diet!” I’m living proof of that!

Just like it’s a good practice to eat from all 5 food groups + include healthy fats. It’s also a good practice to have a cross train and have a comprehensive exercise routine. It’s not good to just go HARD all the time. Your body needs to rest, recover and STRETCH!

Cross training involves: endurance cardio, high intensity cardio, resistance/weight training and the most left out and most important component is stretching! Ideally, you should stretch daily. The body also needs a rest day! (YES, DO NOTHING).

What if you’re out of shape, how do you start exercising? Slowly and gradually. First determine what you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it you won’t stick to it.

What if my schedule is just too hectic for exercise? Gradually build in the time by evaluating and making adjustments to your schedule. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up to 30, 45, eventually 60 minutes.  Talk about an energy booster!

Which area do you need an accountability partner and the most support in implementing?

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