5 Simple Weight-Loss Strategies - part III - It’s easy enough to say eat less
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5 Simple Weight-Loss Strategies – part III

5 Simple Weight-Loss Strategies – part III

It’s easy enough to say eat less, move more, but often more difficult to do. Here are a few ideas on how to make it easier:


Your weight is determined by a variety of factors, including hydration, climate, when you last ate, bathroom habits and exercise. In other words, weight fluctuation is common, and there’s much more to good health than a number on a scale.

It’s not necessary to weigh yourself daily. In most cases, this causes unnecessary stress and unrealistic expectation. Weigh in weekly as you will have more of basis to make adjustments with eating choices.


Sleep is undervalued. Getting enough quality sleep is holistically tied to your health and weight-loss goals. Sleep offers our bodies a chance at restoration and rejuvenation. When we’re sleep-deprived, we tend to eat more, exercise less and make poor food choices.  

Ideally 7-9 hours PER night is recommended.  Quality sleep is key. Yes, 9 hours is possible!

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