Eating sensible while on the GO....November is when the holiday season
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Eating sensible while on the GO….

Eating sensible while on the GO….

What is it about the holidays that makes our ‘already’ tight schedule even tighter?

  • Anticipation of family coming to visit?
  • Grocery shopping for those holiday favorites?
  • Eating out more?
  • Spending more time (and money) in stores


Maybe its all of the above…

What does not change during the holiday season is the importance of keeping the body fueled to its optimal levels by means of nutrition, exercise, sleep and time management!

Sensible Eating on the GO

Here are a few easy tips to keep ‘gas in your tank’ during the hustle and bustle this month:

  1. Don’t skip breakfast.  Remember coffee is not breakfast! An adequate breakfast contains and adequate mix of carbs, protein and fat. Eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking up to boost energy levels (not caffeine) and metabolism.
  2. Pack Healthy Snacks. Arm yourself for success! When your out for several hours, prepare so you don’t need to depend on restaurants when the hunger kicks in.  Some easy snacks (that don’t require a cooler) are granola bars (not all are loaded with sugar), nuts, crackers, snack bars that are a nice mix of carbs/protein/fat, fruit, dried fruit. I personally pack a cooler to add more options such as: yogurt, string cheese, perishable fruit, or cottage cheese.
  3. Pack meals. Planning is everything. When you anticipate being on the GO for both lunch and dinner, pack one of the meals so you avoid having to eat out twice. Lunch is usually the easiest to pack. Packing a small cooler gives more options: Salads, sandwiches (yes this can be just as healthy as a hot meal), fruit, raw veggies, salad dressing, etc. Then enjoy dining out for a sensible dinner.