Evaluate yourself based on What’s on your Side of the street?
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What’s on your Side of the Street?

What’s on your Side of the Street?

It’s human nature to evaluate ourselves based on the results we’re producing. That seems reasonable, right?

But I want to draw an important distinction here.

Classic scenario

Let’s say you started a new weight loss plan. During the first week, you have been eating ‘on plan’, energy levels higher than it has been in years, feeling lighter and less bloated, clothes not fitting as snug. At this point, you’re excited, and are celebrating all these ‘quick wins’! On Day 7, you are super excited to weigh-in. You look down and the scale is UP two pounds!

Does that mean eating on plan, having this new-found energy and feeling less bloated are no longer spectacular accomplishments? Absolutely not!

“The Mind is a Flexible Thing”

EVERY diet and weight-loss strategy has its pros and cons, but for any approach to really work, you’ve got to get your mind right.

Shifting your mindset about how to lose weight is the biggest factor in losing weight. And most people try to lose weight with the worst state of mind possible: wanting to “fix” themselves.

This type of thinking can be destructive.

Rather than focusing on the good that can come of weight loss – such as

  • better health, a longer life,
  • more enjoyment in everyday activities and the
  • prevention of diabetes and heart disease

– these folks tend to focus on negative thoughts. Ultimately, a negative mindset leads to failure.

Fortunately, the mind is a flexible thing and changing your mindset to make your weight-loss approach healthier, happier and way more effective.

Change Your Goals and Gravitate to Positive”

Losing weight might be a result, but it shouldn’t be the goal.

Rather, your goals should be small, sustainable things over which you have full control such as “did you eat nine servings of fruits and veggies today?” Check off one goal met.

What about seven hours of sleep? did you get them in? If so, you can check another goal off your list.

These are the baby steps that result in weight loss!

Keep in mind that making healthy choices, losing weight PLUS keeping it off, is a way of practicing self-care.

Don’t miss this…. Food is not a reward, and exercise is not a punishment.

They are both ways of caring for your body and helping you feel your best. You deserve both!

Through out the Calendar

Patience is also important when you are losing weight in a healthy and sustainable matter.

Plus, if you focus on meeting truly actionable goals, like not skipping meals each and every day, there’s no need to get wrapped up in a timeline of goals ahead.

Every 24 hours comes with new successes; focus on those.

“Forget the Whole ‘Foods Are Good or Bad’ Mentality”

Somewhere along the line, we’ve learned to feel either proud or guilty about every food choice we make.  But it’s just food, and you shouldn’t have to feel guilty about wanting the occasional cookie.

Give yourself permission to have a glass wine or a piece of chocolate cake. Remember, all foods fit.


Life, health, weight loss and the pursuit of happiness is all about acknowledging what is and what is NOT on your side of the street!

Stress and anxiety are significantly decreased when we identify that areas in life that we can, actually, modify and recognize the areas we have absolutely no control over – hence filtering out all the noise

Results: more energy, better sleep quality, diminished food cravings. The added bonus: weight loss or maintenance of a healthy weight!

What does normal eating mean to YOU?  Click [here] to have a conversation!

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