The Alkaline Diet: Does PH affect Health and Wellness?
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The Alkaline Diet: Does PH affect Health and Wellness?

The Alkaline Diet: Does PH affect Health and Wellness?

What is “The Alkaline Diet” anyone? Is the any validity in the “Acid-Alkaline” balance?

In a nutshell, the Alkaline Diet promotes fruits and vegetables (alkaline foods) and discourages meat, dairy and processed foods (acidic foods).  The real question is, “Is there evidence to support this eating pattern for overall health? In particular bone health.

Due in part to popularity among celebrities and non-scientific health enthusiasts who tout various versions of the “Alkaline Diet” as a cure-all for a wide range of illnesses from cancer to heart disease.

The truth of the matter

There is some research backing the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables AND eating meat (including lean beef, lean poultry, lean pork), dairy, grains, and fish with moderation/variety/balance in mind– not elimination!

Some Science

A point of clarification, Acid-Alkaline balance in question is not blood pH. The lungs and kidneys controls the pH of human blood and is strictly maintained around 7.4. What we eat does not control this life-threatening mechanism.  The Acid-Alkaline balance in question is more about what the body has to do in order to keep the blood’s pH where it needs to be. The basic claim of the alkaline diet is what a person eats influences how much compensating the body has to do in response to that meal.

A final note, the pH of the actual food does not dictate the net effect on the body. For example, lemon juice and tomatoes are acidic. However, when ingested promote alkalinity. This determination goes much deeper and beyond the scope of this article.

At the End of the Day (In Summary)

Overall eating patterns matter more than specific foods! Healthy acid-forming foods such as poultry, whole grains, and eggs when combined with alkaline forming-foods make the net effect neutral or alkaline. One very basic concept I teach my new clients is God created five food groups for a reason.  When your eating pattern is adequate and includes the five food groups (and the imaginary sixth food group – healthy fats) daily, the body is being fueled properly and in balance.

Take caution when eliminating food groups when not due to a medically diagnosed allergen or intolerance.