“At 67, More energy than in my 40’s! A1c levels down 2 points, Diabetes meds cut in half, weight down 21 pounds!”

Sanford Mace


My primary health concerns that lead me to seek a Registered Dietitian was 1) uncontrolled Diabetes, 2) elevated blood pressure, 3) weight loss, 4) lack of energy, and 5) needing a nap every 8 hours because I was just so tired all the time.   Also, at 67, I wanted to be the first male in my family to live past 70 since World War I.

I started with Sandra in August of 2018, just after receiving lab result with an A1c of 9.2. The doctor advised that I change my eating habits and lose weight. My weight was 185 lb.

In just 5 days after initial session, my fasting blood sugar was averaging 85 each morning, down 20-40 points!

By week 4, I had to adjust Diabetes medications because levels were too low during the day.  On some evenings, I had to skip taking medications because fasting levels were dipping as low as 40!

At 1 1/2 months, I was walking most of the time without cane! My standing endurance improved to 10-15 minutes of standing time from total dependency on a cane.

Fast forwarding a few months, I continue to work with Sandra. My October lab results: A1c down to 6.2 (down 2.0!) and weight down to 164 lb (down 21 lb). My goal weight was 167.

Sandra really showed me how to continue eating my favorite foods by selecting healthier preparation methods. I have more energy than I have had in years. I get at least 8 hours of sleep on most nights and wake up rested! She taught me how to manage my carbohydrate intake and eat more balanced. I never thought I would enjoy losing weight!


Sanford Mace – Mount Dora, Florida

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