“Blood Pressure Lowest, Medications Reduced, More Energy and Confidence AND Lost 13 lbs!”

Robin Bennett 2020 Canva

Before Sandra….

I realized that I did not have all the tools to start eating right and start losing weight. I also realized that my health is very important and was worth the investment and energy that was necessary to start with Sandra.

I had previously done weight watchers and boot camps, but realized that those programs did not teach me how to eat properly, it was really geared towards quick fixes and I found myself still eating the wrong foods. I was at a standstill and did not know how to jump-start my weight loss or boost my energy levels.

I was not sleeping enough, my child had me stressed and it was affecting not only my health, my self-image and my personal relationships. I wasn’t happy and needed to make a change.  


Working with Sandra and the transformation…

After losing a little over 13lbs, my health is better. I was taking 2 blood pressure medications (one at night and another at bedtime) and now my doctor has me on the one. I have more energy and feel better about myself. I make sure that I eat the right amount of vegetables and fruits and make sure that I get enough sleep at night. I used to feel guilty when I didn’t get up and run in the morning, and would shorten my sleep just to be active and did not realize how not getting a sufficient amount of sleep was going to affect my weight loss. So now, I don’t skimp on that and make sure I get at least 7 hours every night. My relationships are better, and I have let go of situations that I can’t control and have decided to give them over to God.

I now feel more confident in my clothes and want to enjoy life more with my husband and not just lay in my bed on the weekend. My energy level is up which allows me to be more active throughout the day. Sandra holds you accountable. But she does it in a way that doesn’t make you feel bad about a slip up. I traveled for work and went on a cruise during my time with Sandra and she gave me ways on how to stay focus but not obsess over my weight. Goal was to come back to real life the same weight. Just maintain and worry about losing when you get back home. That was the best advice. She is caring and nurturing but makes sure you understand that your choices affect your outcomes.

I definitely recommend her services to others and have already. She is thorough and very knowledgeable!

Robin Bennett – Orlando, Florida

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