“The Cholesterol numbers speak for themselves!”


Before Sandra…

My first session with Sandra was on August 29, 2017. My desires were to get help with lower my cholesterol levels in order to avoid getting on medications and to learn how to eat healthier.

Working with Sandra…

In 7 months of working with Sandra, my total cholesterol dropped from 233 (high) to 100 (normal), LDL”lousy cholesterol” dropped from 174 (high) to 66 (normal)! I also got the added bonus of my HDL “happy cholesterol” increasing from 43 (low) to 50 (normal) and my triglycerides dropping from 78 (normal) to 54 (even better!)

The transformation…

My life is forever changed as a result of my cholesterol improving. I feel so relieved NOT needing to start cholesterol medication.  I have so much more knowledge on how to eat healthy. I hear so much nutrition mis-information. Thanks to my time with Sandra, I now have confidence in making sound food choices.

Teneka Harris – Kissimmee, Florida

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