Blood sugar levels down after 3 days in program. 3 months A1c 9.2 to 7.7
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“Fasting Blood Sugar Levels Down After 3 days in Program”

Working with Sandra and the Transformation…

When I started working with Sandra in May 2017. My fasting blood sugar was 169 (very high) and I started insulin. My LDL (lousy cholesterol) was also high at 108. My A1c was out of control at 9.2. These labs were drawn on 4/8/2017.

After the 3rd day of following my nutrition plan, my fasting levels decreased from 127 to 82!

By the 3rd week, I was fitting into a size 14 skinny jeans – down from size 16 regular!

August 8, 2017 labs showed a remarkable decrease: A1c: from 9.2 to 7.7. Fasting Glucose from 169 to 116. LDL from 109 to 91! Total cholesterol levels down from 197 to 180! My doctor was ecstatic to see these results and advised to me continue following the recommendations of my dietitian.

Thanks so much Sandra for helping me manage my diabetes!


Ralphetta Aker – Orlando, Florida