Learn how to manage Diabetes and staged Chronic Kidney Disease
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Medicare Part B

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is an essential component of comprehensive healthcare. Individuals with a variety of conditions and illnesses can improve their health and quality of life by receiving MNT.

Medicare Part B covers MNT for:

Staged chronic kidney disease


3 hours on MNT during the 1st calendar year
2 hours of MNT during the 2nd calendar year
No co-pay required

People Who Work with Sandra Often Experience

Permanent Weight Loss

More Energy

Reversal of Pre-Diabetes

Blood sugar levels in normal range

Cholesterol levels in normal range

Clearer Skin

Clarity in nutritional information

Lower blood pressure

Enjoyment of food

No food deprivation

My Approach At A Glance

Consultation & Assessment

We start with a 90 minute consultation. This includes a detailed health assessment and debriefing. We will set short/long term goals and outline the steps necessary to reach your goals. You leave with a wealth of knowledge and a personalized nutrition plan integrating whole foods you enjoy eating! 

Follow-ups & Accountability

We see each other on a regular basis, so you’re always motivated and on track toward your goals. We will track your progress, where you need extra help or questions answered during each session. You will leave each session with specific next steps and goals moving you forward in your journey.

Personalized Support

You will receive worksheets, templates, and handouts that provide step-by-step guidance, tips and good practices.  During each session your will receive personalized nutrition coaching and lifestyle counseling. Most importantly, you’re not alone between sessions with email support, text support, and quick phone chats.

Working With Me

I coach with empathy and authenticity – based on specialized training as a registered dietitian, practical experience in helping others, and my own personal health challenges. I provide clients all the support they need to finally achieve permanent weight loss.

My unique solution empowers clients with the knowledge to confidently control their food choices rather than food controlling them.

As your coach, we form a partnership, I treat your health and wellness goals and personal dreams as if they are my own. During each session I will put on my “teacher” hat and lead an education session on “special topics” that are paramount to your success. These sessions are highly customized to your specific needs.

Uncontrolled Diabetes and high cholesterol under control in 3 months. I worked with Sandra to help me get control of my Diabetes and cholesterol levels. After 3 days on program blood sugar levels down from 127 to 82! By the 3rd week, I was fitting in size 14 skinny jeans - down from size 16. By month 3, I had a remarkable decrease in labs from April 4 to Aug 7. A1c: down from 9.9 to 7.7. Fasting Glucose down from 169 to 116. LDL-Cholesterol down from 109 to 91!

– Ralphetta, A, Apopka, FL

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