Learn why Sandra became a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist
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My Mission

My divine obligation is to show people a whole new way of living and share the joy about not having to suffer or feel stuck any longer with their present weight and/or ill health.  

My greatest joy is giving people solutions about “what’s possible” for their health and wellness. The priceless results are people gaining back their health and well-being one day at a time until their ultimate goal(s) are reached!

My Wakeup Call

My wakeup call was in my early 30’s. I was at my highest weight and my blood pressure was rising. I was diagnosed with Pre-hypertension and given 3 months to lose 20 pounds and lower my salt intake. I was without a plan and determined to break a family history of high blood pressure.

Fear & Denial

Scared and in complete denial because my weight had never been an issue for me,… I was faced with a prescription to lose 20 pounds and limit foods high in salt. A year passed before I took the situation seriously, the doctor reminded me of my increased risks of diabetes, kidney failure and heart disease. After witnessing what Dialysis looked like, I was finally ready to make a plan to shed the weight and gain a happier life.

Search for a Weight Loss Path

My search started with Google.  A search of “How to lower blood pressure?” took me to “Your Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure with DASH”, a national government health link. Little did I know, this was the start of my journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian and a health advocate!


With the help of a Registered Dietitian, I made significant changes to how I ate, continued exercising and eventually lost 25 pounds. Unfortunately, I was still officially diagnosed with Essential Hypertension (no known cause). Angry and disappointed, I felt “What’s the point of making all these changes if I’m still having blood pressure issues?” I was mad for a long time until an inner voice (the Lord), said: “If you did not change your eating habits, you would have more health problems than your blood pressure!”

Time for Change

After 20 years of working in the Computer Science field, I was desiring more for my life. I was tired of helping corporate companies become richer, I wanted to make a real difference. Another five years past before I realized my personal passion was teaching others the “right way” to eat so people could prevent chronic illness and struggles with ill health.

Back to School

On Faith, I went back to school after 15 years and earned a 2nd Bachelors in Dietetics in 2011 and Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management in 2017…so that I could accurately inform people the right way to eat, lose weight, live healthy, and have more energy! It’s a blessing that I get to do what I LOVE for a living and I’ve dedicated my career to helping others.


I’ve been married since October 15, 2011 and became a proud mother of a son on March 9, 2014. I enjoy growing spiritually daily in my Christian walk, spending quality time with friends and family as well as travel.

If I can lose weight and keep it off, so CAN you!  If my story speaks to you — if you have that little flutter of excitement that tells you this could be what you’ve been looking for.

I feel better, I have tons of energy, and I'm losing weight! I'm sorry it took me so long to decide to make improvements in my life. I am not someone who like set meal plans or diets, so this is a perfect fit for me. I'm a little over 4 months into a 6 month plan and I love it! I feel better, I have tons of energy, and I'm losing weight! I know I'm not the easiest client to work with because of my years of bad habits that I'm trying to reset, so I'm thankful that Sandra is encouraging and very patient.

– Carla U, Charlotte, NC

Success Stories

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