Your Health is Your Most Important Commodity!

What better time than now to accept a challenge that will benefit your body from the inside out!

It’s a time to:

Blast away the abdominal fat and wear clothes you have not fit into for years!

Score lasting energy levels and do the things in life you enjoy!

Drop the extra pounds and improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and wake up feeling rested and refreshed!

To this end, I want to support you with my Newly Updated for 2021, 3-DAY LIVE TRAINING happening January 12-14th:

“Crush your Sugar Cravings: A 3-Day Clean Eating No Added-Sugar Challenge” Live No-Cost Challenge And Training!

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Here's What We'll Cover

  • DAY 1 (January 12): How Your Morning MoJoe Impacts (or AFFECTS) Sugar Cravings (and Easy and Satisfying Swaps!)

  • DAY 2 (January 13): Why Skipping Meals Can Backfire by Increasing Sugar Cravings (and what to do instead!)

  • DAY 3 (January 14): Discover the Key to Effective Food Combining Designed to Keep Your Sugar Cravings at Bay - with the Added Benefit of Leveling Out Your Moods!

Registration for this Challenge and Training includes a Downloadable Meal-Plan, Meal-Prep Guide, Grocery List, Access to the Recordings, and More!

It’s my gift to you!

Lost 22 lb During the Covid-19 Pandemic and no longer look to food for comfort!

“I had a very stressful job, and I was using food to cope with the stress. I was not eating food for its nutritional value or treating it as fuel. I just wanted comfort food after a long workday or week. Portions did not matter. After overeating, I would feel guilty and tried to exercise the bad habits away. It became clear that I could not out train my habits and I began giving up. I knew I needed help when I hit a number on the scale that was foreign to me. At my yearly physical, my primary added obesity as a concern to my chart.

I had tried every “diet” out there, and the weight was not coming off. When I started with Sandra, I was 185 lbs (left) and 4 months later, I was 163 lbs (right). I never felt deprived one day. I traveled, dined out, and coped with Covid-19 while still losing weight.

Sandra is very relatable and is very knowledgeable about nutrition! She was able to guide me through a very difficult progress with kindness and compassion. I looked forward to our meetings because I left each meeting with a new tool that I was able to use for life.

With Sandra’s help, I finally learned how to refocus the role of food in my life. I no longer look to food for comfort or to pass time. I was able to fit into clothing that I was not able to fit in years and able to run 5ks while in her program with less pain!

Clementine U, Orlando, Florida

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Sandra Gultry, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer

Sandra works with adult women and men, teaching them to overcome that sense of frustration and overwhelm associated with failed attempts to either lose weight or to keep the lost weight off. The result–healthy and sustainable weight loss; increased energy levels throughout the day; and confidence about making the best food choices for optimal health.

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